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2019年開業的廣州早期精釀啤酒吧,自釀啤酒多達30多款,隱蔽於鬧事中的UNDER GROUND的工业风精釀小酒館,店內氛圍輕松… 很多熟客都有歸屬感 …有驻唱也有电影投影播放,还有很多桌游可以玩,氛围很好很适合团建聚会聊天。也是一個歌手培育基地,常有專業歌手駐唱! 喜歡唱歌的朋友更可以即興表演一曲!

Business Hours Everyday 19:00~03:00
Regular Closing Day Always open
Address 廣州市越秀區文明路61號金伯利廣場負一層
(B1, Kimberly Plaza, 61 Wenming Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China)Show map
TEL 147-4333-8097
Ambience Beginners Friendly /Lone Rangers Welcome /Great for After 5
Options: Live Sports Screening /Excellent Food Menu /Excellent Alcohol Menu /Machine Booking /Unlimited Play /Smoking /Events Booking /Wi-fi Equipped

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