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工业水泥风格配以神秘的蓝调灯光氛围,充满神秘于活力的小酒馆,超大落地窗,一览霓虹闪烁的街景,设有VIP包厢,是雪茄爱好者的集中地。天气好的时候可以坐在户外,点一杯酒再配上餐食,氛围感无敌正! 室内复古与露营FEEL配搭 ,环境好CHILL很适合三五好友小酌聊天。拍照打卡也很出片,就连角落都很有特色!每逢周末都有歌手驻场。

Business Hours Everyday 13:00~02:00
Regular Closing Day Always open
Address 广州市越秀区恒福路98号
(No. 98 Hengfu Road, Yuexiu Dist.,Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China)Show map
TEL 158‐00009112
Nearest station   省银行医院站  110m 
Ambience Great for Dates /Singles Party /Great for After 5
Options: Live Sports Screening /Party Props /Excellent Food Menu /Excellent Alcohol Menu /Machine Booking /Smoking /Credit Card /Reservation /Events Booking /Wi-fi Equipped

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