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東大阪でうちだけ!の、美味しい生ビールにギネスがおすすめです。 ワイン・焼酎・ビール・ウイスキーもたくさんあります。 女性スタッフもたくさんいますので女の子だけでもOK。 スタッフ随時募集中!電話ください。

Regular Closing Day Every WeekSun
Address 大阪府東大阪市若江本町2-2-1 GLマンション1FShow map
TEL 06-6726-4649
Nearest station 近鉄奈良線  若江岩田駅  595m 
Ambience Beginners Friendly /Lone Rangers Welcome /Good Practice Ground
Options: Excellent Alcohol Menu /No Cover Charge /Credit Card

■■■B A R■■■
☆NO チャージ
☆Mのこだわり3点: お酒・外国人・ダーツ

■■■English Info■■■
Bar-M is an International cafe and bar with no seating charge where you can enjoy a variety of drinks from all over the world and our special selection of beer while playing darts with friends or with our staff.
We have a Darts Live 2 machine which is connected to the internet so you can even play with people all over the world!

Every Thursday we have darts practice together starting at 10:00pm (22:00). The practice consists of Count Up, Eagle Eye, Cricket Count Up and Shoot Out.
Absolute beginners are welcome to participate!

Come alone or with friends and let`s have fun together!

We are also looking for staff.
Any nationality is welcome! Please contact us if you are interested.

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