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午餐時段 港幣:港幣:全星期:每位$60起,另收加一 /(學生全星期免加一) 歡樂時光 港幣:港幣:全星期:每位$99,另收加一/(全星期學生證人頭費9折) 黃金時段 港幣:港幣:星期日至四:人頭費每位$159,另收花生及加一收費;星期五、六及公眾假期前夕:人頭費每位$159(20:00前入座每位$139),另收花生,果盤及加一收費(全星期學生證人頭費9折) 貓頭鷹  港幣:港幣:星期日至四:人頭費每位$159,另收加一 星期五,六人頭費每位$179,另收加一/(全星期學生證人頭費9折)

Business Hours Everyday 10:00~05:30
Regular Closing Day Always open
Address 九龍 尖沙咀東部 麼地道65號 安達中心 地庫
(Basement, Auto Plaza, 65 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong)Show map
TEL +852-2732-2234
Ambience Singles Party /Girl's Night Out /Great for After 5
Options: Live Sports Screening /Excellent Food Menu /Excellent Alcohol Menu /VIP Rooms /Parking /Credit Card /Reservation /Wi-fi Equipped

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