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50 Bar Divers Bar & Restaurant 是一间潜水主题餐厅/餐吧。舒适的环境让潜水爱好者过来一起聚一聚谈一谈潜水经验!当然,不是潜水员的客人也可以过来一起happy!!

Business Hours Everyday 18:00~02:00
Regular Closing Day Always open
Address 東莞市東城街道東莞大道13號嘉宏振興大廈MOMA 215-216
(MoMA 215-216,Jiahong Zhenxing bldg.,No.13,Dongguan Ave.,Dongcheng St.,Dongguan, Guangdong Province,China)Show map
TEL 181-2284-5720
Ambience Great for Dates /Singles Party /Great for After 5
Options: Party Props /Excellent Food Menu /Excellent Alcohol Menu /Reservation /Events Booking /Wi-fi Equipped

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