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Business Hours Everyday 10:00~02:00
Regular Closing Day Always open
Address 广州市海珠区艺苑南路13号大院布衣港内6栋101-2
(101-2, Bldg. 6, Buyi Port, No.13 Yiyuan South Rd., Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China)Show map
TEL 135-7046-8529
Nearest station   客村地铁站  522m  客村地铁站D出口步行约5分钟   珠影公交站  456m 
Ambience Beginners Friendly /Lone Rangers Welcome /Great for After 5
Options: Live Sports Screening /Party Props /Excellent Food Menu /Excellent Alcohol Menu /Dart Merchandise/Supplies /Machine Booking /Parking /Smoking /Reservation /Events Booking /Wi-fi Equipped

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